Six Sentence Sunday #9

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, lovely sixers! Where were we? Last week, our crazy kids from my ms, Better than Pasta, finally came to an agreement on a hot dog date but of course, the accord couldn’t last. Jack thinks Lili schemed with her ex to win the contest and he’s jumped to conclusions. Plot-stirring conclusions. Everyone’s left to celebrate at the local bar but Lili’s got some splainin’ to do.

His eyes had turned hunter green, showing none of the heat and intensity she had come to love, only cold reproach and a hardness that shocked her. She wanted him to warm her with his gaze, soothe her with his touch—she wanted her Jack.

“You done here?” he asked.

Hope sparked that they could salvage something from this hot mess. “You’re not going to O’Casey’s?”

“I’m not really in the mood and I thought you’d want to claim your prize sooner than later.”

Oh, he’s in the mood for something, I think. Are there angry sexytimes ahead? Watch this space! Thanks for reading. Now visit the rest of the fab Sixers at the Six Sentence Sunday site.


Six Sentence Sunday #9 — 12 Comments

  1. Woot!! All righty then…and…that’s what I’m talkin about!! Course, it’s no fun if one’s p.o.’d Somehow, I don’t think the anger’s going to last… Great six, fabbo story!!

  2. Oooh. There’s nothing better than hot makeup sex after a big fight. Dare I hope?!? This is a great lead up to something for sure! And I love the yearning in her thoughts. Nice emotional tension!

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