Six Sentence Sunday #8

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! I think it’s time we get inside Jack’s head for a bit and find out what that gorgeous chef is thinking. The cooking contest/bet is underway but it’s not going well for our hero. Sabotaged dishes, an unexpected visit from his estranged sister, and all-round frustration are making his night miserable. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Lili’s agreed to date him regardless of the bet’s outcome and while Jack muses on fabulous first date locations like Paris and Rome, our girl chimes in with her own idea.

“Well, there’s this hot dog place I know,” she said.

“Sounds classy.”

“Sometimes I’m so classy I can’t stand myself – best chili dog in Chicago, duck fat fries, all night bar.”

He needed to kiss her. “So you liquor me up, ply me with encased meats, and I suppose you’re expecting to get lucky?”

Her eyes glowed bright, luminous as a kitchen burner flame, and she whispered in his ear, “It’s a pretty awesome hot dog, Jack.”

The power of the dog, people! Thanks for reading. Now visit the rest of the lovely Sixers at the Six Sentence Sunday site.


Six Sentence Sunday #8 — 14 Comments

  1. OMG, I haven’t even finished reading and had to comment– I just choked on my Atkins bar with the first line! Great setup! Is it like that in the book (his thinking of exotic locations and then bam!?) Ok, going back to read the rest…

    OMG, Love the rest too, especially her last line! When will this be out so I can read it? I’ve been enjoying these every week…

    • Yes, it is like that in the book. He’s thinking, “Paris, Rome, London. Outer rings of Saturn. He’d make their first date perfect.” Then “have you thought about a hot dog, dude?”

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